Sprinkler Systems Installation Kansas City & Liberty MO

Are you tired of manually watering your lawn or just in need of a new sprinkler system? Let All Star Lawn Care help you find and install the right lawn sprinkler system for your property. We specialize in installing sprinkler systems in the Kansas City and Liberty area.

Full Service Sprinkler Systems Installation

Kansas City | Sprinkler InstallationAll Star Lawn Care can handle all aspects of your sprinkler system install, from selecting the right irrigation system for your lawn’s needs to professionally installing that system and troubleshooting any issues during sprinkler installation.  A new system can help cut back on wasted water and keep your lawn looking full and green. With certain systems you can set timers on them to go off at the prime watering hours and go off when their job is finished. If you water too early in the morning you risk the grass being wet for too long and creating mold on the grass. By watering at the hottest time of day you risk the grass burning. You can also program some to not go off if there has been rain, thus cutting back on your water bill.

You want to make sure that the sprinkler system is effective and helping the growth of your lawn.  At All Star lawn care we can help you find the perfect type of system.

Sprinkler Systems Done Right the First Time

Our professional lawn irrigation specialists are meticulous: during sprinkler installation they inspect all elements of the sprinkler system — each sprinkler head, the control box, the lines, and more — adjusting things as needed to increase your system’s efficiency and eliminate water waste. By paying attention to every zone’s water distribution and pressure, plus flow rates, All Star ensures that your entire lawn benefits from your sprinkler

Want professional sprinkler installation done in a timely manner?

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