Sprinkler Systems Maintenance Kansas City & Liberty MO

Seasonal sprinkler systems maintenance is key for keeping your lawn and sprinkler system stay healthy year-round. Having All Star Lawn Care perform sprinkler maintenance in the spring, summer, and fall will protect your investment, prevent costly sprinkler system repairs, and ensure your system’s efficiency.

Year-Round Sprinkler Systems Maintenance

No matter the season, you want your lawn irrigation system to run efficiently. All Star Lawn Care can provide sprinkler maintenance year-round, including inspecting and adjusting your system to ensure that it’s running in tip-top shape. Let us catch any issues before they turn into problems requiring repair or replacement.  Each season there are steps you can take to make sure your investment is running at top efficiency.

Having a sprinkler system has many perks but in order for all of those perks to be used to the fullest you have to take some important steps.  A small leak or broken sprinkler head will waste time and money that you are pouring into your lawn.  All Star can help you determine the correct positioning of your sprinkler heads to ensure the maximum results.

Seasonal Sprinkler System Maintenance

As a Kansas City resident, you know how extreme the weather can be. Harsh winters can cause a lot of havoc on your sprinkler system.  Although you can risk not being proactive about your sprinkler system you are risking some major problems down the road. Protect your irrigation system with seasonal sprinkler maintenance from Kansas City | Sprinkler MaintenanceAll Star Lawn Care! Our maintenance services include:

  • Sprinkler winterization services in the fall to prevent system pipes and lines from bursting due to ice
  • Spring inspections for leaky, damaged, or malfunctioning sprinkler heads
  • Summer sprinkler zone tests to maximize coverage

Ready to protect your irrigation system in all four seasons with sprinkler maintenance? Call All Star to schedule an appointment today.