Dethatching Kansas City & Liberty MO

If you don’t clean leaves, debris, grass clippings, and twigs from your lawn regularly, a layer of matted buildup or thatch might prevent your grass from growing. Although a small amount of thatch — up to ½” — acts favorably, keeping the soil moist and cool, too much thatch will effectively suffocate your lawn.  If you remove all of the thatch this can cause weakness and make the grass vunlnerable to the harsh change of season in Kansas City.

By dethatching once or twice a year you are allowing your yard to thrive at top performance.  The grass will grow strong and thick without all of the extra weight and debris.  It is important to dethatch at the right time of year.  If you are too late into either season it can impair the life of the grass during the next season. Call All Star to learn when the best time to dethatch is in the midwest.

Dethatching is a process that clears the buildup from your lawn so that water and key nutrients can access the soil and help your grass grow.

All Star Dethatching Services

Kansas City | DethatchingKeep your lawn healthy with dethatching by All Star Lawn Care. We can tackle thicker layers of thatch that won’t be dispatched with a regular rake and elbow grease. Our professional dethatching equipment makes thatch clean-up a cinch.

We’ll quickly but thoroughly remove the buildup from your Kansas City or Liberty property so that your lawn can continue to flourish, no matter the size of your property or the thickness of your thatch. Together we can create a plan that will make your lawn healthy for many season to come.  Remember lawns are more complex than many believe.  All Star can help!

If your lawn needs dethatching, call All Star Lawn Care of Kansas City today!