Lawn Aeration & Verticutting Kansas City & Liberty MO

Sometimes, our existing lawns just need a little help to return to health. All Star Lawn Care of Kansas City provides lawn aeration and verticutting services to prepare your lawn for overseeding. Both verticutting and aerating support growth in your lawn.  It is important to not onlly want the top of your lawn to look healthy but you also want the roots to be just as strong.

Lawn Aeration Services in Kansas City and LibertyKansas City | Lawn Aeration

Over time your lawn can become compacted, thus stunting the growth and health of your lawn.  When soil is compacted water, air and nutrients cannot penetrate the ground.  Aeration can help bring movement to the ground and also gives water, oxygen, and important nutrients access to your lawn’s root system, which will improve the overall look and health of your grass, thicken your turf, aid in soil decompaction, and encourage stronger, deeper, and more expansive roots.

At All Star, we recommend lawn aeration during Kansas City’s more temperate fall or spring months to reap the maximum rewards.

Professional Verticutting for Any Lawn

Similar to lawn aeration, verticutting involves cutting small, thin rows onto your lawn, effectively loosening your topsoil and supporting better grass seed implantation and growth. Verticutting is a necessary step before overseeding, as it effectively prepares your lawn for new grass growth.  It helps prepare straight even lines that turn into an even lawn. Like aeration it also helps decompact your lawn but it is not as intense as aeration.  Verticutting can also lend a hand in dethatching your lawn.

After verticutting, fertilizing is the next step in your lawn becoming strong and healthy.  All Star Lawn Care can help you with both of these important steps in lawn maintenance.

Do you want to spur grass growth in your lawn and best prepare it for overseeding?

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