Lawn Pest Control Kansas City & Liberty MO

The Spring, Summer and Fall months in the Kansas City area are great months for your family and friends to enjoy the outdoors.  Your backyard and front porch should be areas that you and your guests can enjoy without worrying about fending off bugs.  Not only will pest control make you happier but it will also make your lawn happier.  All Star Lawn Care can handle lawn pest control on your property, protecting your plants and the people that enjoy your landscape.

Kansas City | Insect Control

Protect Guests & Pets from Bug Bites

Fleas and ticks are annoying bugs that can endanger the lives of your pets and even your family and friends. All Star Lawn Care can help you keep your yard flea and tick free with a pest control plan for your yard, customized for your needs.  Not only will this make your family and friends both human and furry happy but it will also keep them healthy.  Many pests carry diseases that can harm the well being of everyone in your house hold. Help prevent skin irrigation and diseases on your furry friends as well as your guests during backyard BBQs with All Star insect control!

Beat the Bagworms with All Star Pest Control

Pest control is an important step in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape, particularly when it comes to stopping damaging bagworms. Found throughout Missouri, including the Kansas City area, bagworms feast on plants and tree leaves. Bagworms will feed off your plants and trees damaging their appearance and health. It is important to take action before damage can be done.  Keep these pests from ruining your landscape with pest control by All Star Lawn Care! We can target bagworms before they lay eggs and multiply.

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