Overseeding Kansas City & Liberty MO

Rather than replacing your turf completely, you can revamp your already established lawn with overseeding services from All Star Lawn Care! Especially when combined with our lawn aeration and verticutting services, adding seed to your existing lawn with overseeding can revitalize your property.

Professional Overseeding Services in Kansas City and Liberty

Kansas City | OverseedingKansas City weather can take its toll on your lawn, whether a summer drought leads to thinning patches on your lawn or an autumn leaf cover inhibits grass growth. When you use overseeding to renovate your lawn, it can fill in sparse areas suffering from poor hydration, revive spots ravaged by insect damage, and improve the overall health and look of your lawn. All Star Lawn Care provides professional overseeding services to ensure that your seeds will properly implant and quickly spur grass growth.

Even if you care for your lawn with proper weed and fertilizer programs and pest control plans, grass will naturally decrease its reproduction as time goes on. Overseeding can resuscitate an aging lawn so that you and your family can enjoy your property for years to come. We recommend scheduling aerating, verticutting, and overseeding in the spring or fall, when Kansas City temperatures are more moderate.

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