Landscape Maintenance Kansas City & Liberty MO

Kansas City | Seasonal Landscape MaintenanceAt All Star Lawn Care, we strive to help our customers with all aspects of landscape maintenance, including seasonal lawn clean-up. In addition to our ***snow removal services, we offer a number of seasonally-needed services so you can focus on tasks other than landscape maintenance.

Fall Landscape Maintenance

In autumn, falling leaves might add a burst of color to your lawn, but they also block sunlight from from entering the soil, effectively preventing your lawn from strengthening its root systems. Fall lawn clean-up is an essential step in landscape maintenance. All Star can take care of the matted or newly-fallen leaves on your property.

Storm Debris & Stump Removal

Kansas City is known for its temperamental thunderstorms in the spring and summer, and storms can cause home damage as well as add to your landscape maintenance. If you lose a tree in high winds, call All Star to take care of it, including stump removal. We can also handle removal of other storm debris from your property.

Clearing Your Property in Preparation for Landscaping

Before you undertake a larger landscaping project on your property, you may need to remove plants, rocks, or even man-made goods like rusted swingsets, busted lawn ornaments, or cracked kiddie pools. Let All Star Lawn Care take care of this landscape maintenance; we can clear out any obstruction that’s preventing your landscape project from moving forward.

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