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Spreading seed and fertilizer is a great way to help your lawn when there are minor areas in need of help, but when your lawn needs a major facelift, All Star Lawn Care can provide sod installation services to give your lawn a completely new and healthy look.  We have experience with both large scale and small scale sod installation, and our experience with laying sod means we’ll complete your project with efficiency and expertise.

Full Service Professionals Laying Sod in Kansas City

Sod installation is another option for those lawns that just cannot take seed and fertilizer.  The perks of sod installation are instant gratification, you are able to use your lawn within the same week as laying it down.  The experts at All Star Lawn Care are extremely skilled at laying sod, and they can carry out all aspects of your lawn renovation project, from the initial consultation and ground preparation to grading and full installation. By adequately preparing the soil before laying sod, All Star ensures that your new lawn Kansas City | Sod Laying | All Star Lawn Carewill grow healthily. And with our top-of-the-line equipment made for laying sod, our experienced team will execute your sod installation flawlessly.  They will also tell you the next steps to ensure the time and money you spend on the new sod will last. It is important that you treat your new lawn with care and properly water and feed it to maintain the beautiful look.

The best part? We’re committed to completing all projects with attention to detail, yet we’ll also finish your sod installation in a timely manner so that you can go back to enjoying a lush landscape in no time.

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