Snow Removal Kansas City & Liberty MO

Kansas City winters can be extremely fierce, and ice and snow can be hazardous when allowed to accumulate on a property. All Star Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Irrigation also specializes in residential and commercial snow removal, so you can rest easy after a big storm knowing that your property will be safe for cars and pedestrians alike. When the weather report predicts a winter storm, we ready our crews and equipment to provide snow removal for the Kansas City area.

Residential Snow RemovalKansas City | Snow Removal | All Star Lawn Care

As a kid, you were probably giddy when snow began to fall. As an adult, you might groan when the first flakes make their appearance, because as the snow accumulates, so does your workload.

Let All Star step in to take over snow removal on your drives and walkways! We’ll clear your residential property so that you can get to work quickly and safely, and your family can navigate your property without harm.

Commercial Snow Removal

Even when there’s heavy snowfall, Kansas City doesn’t stay closed. Your business can’t afford to have a non-accessible parking lot or a dangerously slippery walkway. All Star will help keep your property travelable and your employees, clients, and customers safe with commercial snow removal after a storm. Quick, professional, and reliable — we’re here for all of your snow removal needs.