Winterize Sprinkler System Kansas City & Liberty MO

Sprinkler System Blowouts

It may be easy to forget but it is important to take care of your irrigation system during the colder months.  Winterization and blowouts are an important part in maintaining your sprinkler system. With help from All Star Lawn Care you can be sure that your sprinkler system doesn’t need any repairs when spring rolls around. We offer complete blowouts that clean out the water sitting in the pipes and sprinkler heads.  This allows the sprinkler system to be clear of water so no freezing occurs.  When the water freezes and expands, it can do damage to the pipe itself, valves or the irrigation heads which are costly repair. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it is important that you take action and prepare your irrigation system for the winter.

Blowout & Winterization Benefits

Blowouts are a great way to maintain your irrigation system. The benefits will last year round.

  • They allow all of the debri to be cleared out.
  • Water will be cleared out so no freezing occurs.
  • The system is check for leaks.

Many of the repairs that need to be done in the spring and summer are a result of not properly winterizing and blowing out the irrigation system.

The Process

The process of blowing out and winterizing sprinkler systems is simple if done by professionals.

  • We will run air through each zone of your irrigation system.
  • Starting with the main line, the zones will be cleared of water and debri.
  • After we have done the simple blowout you and your irrigation system will be set for the colder weather.
  • When the spring rolls around calls us for a simple startup process.

Call today to get a blowout and winterization of your irrigation system (816) 516-3378.

There is only a small window of time when winterization and blow outs can be done to get optimal results so be sure to call and get your winterization on the books now!